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Standard Packages



Solo Entrepreneur, Freelance, Agent, Consultant

  • No employees
  • 1 credit card
  • 1 bank account
  • < 25 monthly transactions
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Growing Small Business

  • 1-3 employees
  • 1 credit card
  • 1 bank account
  • < 40 monthly transactions
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Established Small Business

  • 4-8 employees
  • 2 credit cards
  • 2 bank accounts
  • < 60 monthly transactions
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Medium Sized Business

  • 9-15 employees
  • 2 credit cards
  • 2 bank accounts
  • < 100 monthly transactions
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Custom Plans

  • Are you only looking for bookkeeping services? We offer bookkeeping services using: Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, SAGE/Simply, and Xero for $50/hr in-house, $60/hr on-site.

    We also offer year-end tax services for individuals, sole proprietors, and corporations. Please contact us here to request a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My books are a mess OR I am very behind with the business' books, will you still accept us?

    Of course! We have cleaned up countless new client files - we have seen it all. We will arrange for a catch up or clean up period at a discounted rate and then start you on our monthly plans. You'll feel relieved to have it up-to-date and clean.

  • How do you offer services remotely?

    We use Quickbooks Online and have you sync your bank account(s) and credit card account(s) to the software. This way, we have real time information and don't have to pester you for monthly statements. We review your customer invoices that you create in Quickbooks on your end. We have 3 ways for you to give us any documents that we need:

    -Courier (paid by us once a month)
    -Take a picture with your phone and send using our suggested program
    -Scan and send using our suggested program

  • How do you pay our vendors, employees, and the government for us?

    We arrange payments to be made using our payment provider. On your smart phone or through email, you will receive a list of payments that we will suggest you make. You simply approve the payments and then they are processed through your bank. No more signing cheques.

  • Do you deposit our customer cheques for us?

    Yes. We will set up your company so that we deposit cheques for you too. You no longer need to go to the bank for deposits.

  • How do you review our performance with us?

    Your choice. We can hold a telephone review with you or issue our high level review via email each month. The lines of communication are always open, so you may call or email to ask ongoing questions and support.

  • We like what we have heard or read about PNL, how do we get started as a new client?

    Wonderful. Glad to have you on board. To start you may email, call, or fill out the online form letting us know you want to become a client. We will send you a pdf with our need-to-know information and can either schedule an in-person chat or if you are on-the-go, we can set you up quickly and remotely. You are then ready to run your business without ever worrying about your financial work again.


Join our satisfied users

  • “Our bookkeeper was moving away and we needed to find a replacement right away. PNL Accounting was hired and we couldn't be happier and feel that we have found a company that will stay with us indefinitely, such a relief.”

    — Matt McKenzie, Marine Printers

  • “PNL is certainly more than just financial reconciliations and bookkeeping. They have provided excellent advice and direction resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs. We are very pleased with PNL and would recommend them to any business looking for contracted accounting and bookkeeping services.”

    —Peter Irving, Concerto Marketing Group

  • “I am extremely pleased with the quality of work and service that PNL Accounting Services has provided for both my personal and corporate tax needs. Their work is above and beyond what I anticipated from an accounting company. Their advice is always prompt and thorough, and they have good liaisons with the government when required. I feel that I can completely rely on them to handle all of my accounting and tax questions. I have referred PNL to other businesses and most definitely recommend them for their strong accounting skills.”

    —Wanda Halpert, Concord Business Plans

  • “We have been a client of PNL for a short while but are already impressed with the level of service and are very happy with making the switch to them.”

    —Simon Boisvert, Kitsilano Construction

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